modelsoffbeauty creates open-ended assemblages of entangled ways of life. the studio designs an inclusive narrative of commons, simultaneously conveying complex ideas and concepts. our designs build around the idea of unity, which is abundant in folk tales, gossips, myths, sagas, and traditions. the proposals often have an instinct. they invite unknown natures to emerge in surprising scenarios. by promising cohabitation in the multi-species landscape, they remediate soils, cleanse waters, sweat, produce scents. they nourish from borrowing and exchange between material and non-material. projects are strategic and slowly grow with time. the construction process intertwines from the beginning with geometry, form, and spatial organization. ‘making of’ assembles future users. final spatial outcome shifts from fractured design phases into a symbiotic and interdependent whole. the construction site becomes as fascinating as the design itself. moffb is a studio created by Magdalena Gorecka, an architect and educator based in Warsaw, Vienna and Tamale.

EUROPE, SPAIN, 2020-2021 the Otherworldliness, audio-video production creates augmented spatial sceneries for an informal and dynamic production and projection of Nollywood movies in southern Spain. the proposal is a sequence of artefacts, which tense the voids in polyethylene landscape of plastic greenhouses. they create sleek greenscreen studios for movie production, tensegrity Silver Screens for projection and terraces with Silver Gardens which are planted in the traces from the construction process of the structure’s envelope. tensegrity has dialogue with tensile greenhouses, but the message it brings it’s freedom. made out of Thermo-Plastic Sediment, an entity between two realms: greenhouses and sediments, hides performed actions from the public. it grows from topography, which is terraformed, creating dips as the light from projectors enter space.
WEST AFRICA, SENEGAL, 2021 digital oyster, a robust but multidimensional space for female encounters in senegal, west africa. the proposal aims to break preconceptions based on gender division by creating a social ‘cloud’ that refers to a virtual space that creates worldwide communities thus brings international recognition. digital oyster, even though framed between thick panels, is vast and limitless. women enter the inside world of independence that serves as a fortress from mundane, farm life. used shellcrete for the outer walls as an illusion for the hidden, soft, bamboo rooms, from which information spreads worldwide. the designed spatial intervention breaks taboos of black women in rural communities and connects to having life improvement locally. digital oyster offers a new type of space, which the architects call an audience building. it is not public, as it is designed mainly for use by women who own the inside of the oyster. although the inside is visible online. therefore, everyone can virtually be in such a place, but only a few selected can enter. events and meetings are being streamed and being seen by the masses. the audience building becomes a new type of civic. the space creates an inclusive narrative of common belonging, established by common goals. it builds a social framework of a space of feminine unity and allows females to express themselves freely while building up their identity, free from the influence, of very often, conservative relatives. the structure builds upon the typology of server rooms that are the most protected spaces in institutions around the world. they provide the flow of information between different nations, creating invisible but important connections. they are hidden and protected where the outer structure is made out of tabby, shell-mud-cement envelope.
WEST AFRICA, GHANA, 2021-ONGOING [A]FA tamale can be characterized by its horizontality and the presence of peripheral urban conditions embedded in the fabric of the city. in this sense, it can seem both vacant and dense. However, when looking at these openterritories more carefully, one can find that the ​vacant’ is in fact not at all vacant. rather, this anthropocentric definition deserves questioning. investigating Ghana’s third-largest urban center through an ecological, multi-species, non-anthropocentric lens allows for new ways of understanding urban ecologies and urban change in the predominantly agricultural setting of northern Ghana. [a]FA teaching by Baerbel Mueller (Vienna, Tamale), Magdalena Gorecka (Tamale) in collaboration with the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA) and the University of Development Studies (UDS), in Tamale, Ghana.

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, 2019-2021 the new guabuliga market structure was designed aiming to attract traders to the remote town and strengthen the socio-economic performance of the community. With the cellular polygonal geometry, high quality, robust materiality, and novel construction techniques the new guabuliga market combines the ideas of growth and appropriation. market’s open pavilion-like design comprises a concrete floorscape and metal roofscape that respond to programmatic, climatic, and urban parameters. the project was finalist for the Archdaily Building of The Year and won Architectural Masterprize in category Discovery of The Year 2020. 

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, 2021-ongoing tamale mini-living hooding area. the project aims to find new ways of suburban living within sub-saharan deserted conditions. 

it is an initiative that promotes a short-term stay within Tamale Metropolitan. it is organized around the idea of mixture of private and common spaces which are hidden within the gardens. It aims to promote sustainable lifestyle and construction methods which could be then repeated in future for different uses. the spaces provide areas for body and mind balance, nocturnal movie screenings mixed with fitness between indigenous plants. for non-occupant times it provides the space for processing of the fruits on the rooftops and permaculture in the gardens. the spatial organisation is based on island typology where inside there are private living units in 3 different formats: an extrovert, introvert and condensed. the perimeter of the private unit agglomerations provides pergolas, gardens and common spaces for both work and leisure.