modelsoffbeauty creates open-ended assemblages of entangled ways of life. the studio designs an inclusive narrative of commons, simultaneously conveying complex ideas and concepts. our designs build around the idea of unity, which is abundant in folk tales, gossips, myths, sagas, and traditions. the proposals often have an instinct. they invite unknown natures to emerge in surprising scenarios. by promising cohabitation in the multi-species landscape, they remediate soils, cleanse waters, sweat, produce scents. they nourish from borrowing and exchange between material and non-material. projects are strategic and slowly grow with time. the construction process intertwines from the beginning with geometry, form, and spatial organization. ‘making of’ assembles future users. final spatial outcome shifts from fractured design phases into a symbiotic and interdependent whole. the construction site becomes as fascinating as the design itself. moffb is a studio created by Magdalena Gorecka, an architect and educator based in Warsaw, Vienna and Tamale.

featured projects: [A]FA The New Guabuliga Market, Ghana (2020) / The Otherwordliness, Nollywood Production and Projection, Spain (2021) / [A]FA Tamale Territories, Waterwork Exhibition, Ghana (2021) / Digital Oyster, Senegal (2021) / Tamale Mini-Living, Ghana (2022) 

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